Bible Studies - Abiding Savior Lutheran Church

Bible Studies

Sunday Bible Studies

Bible Study takes place in between early and late service most every Sunday starting at 9:45

Pastor's Class

Join Pastor Glover on Sunday mornings during the Bible Study hour in the Fellowship Hall for an in-depth discussion on the Augsburg Confession. Presented to the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, on June 25, 1530, the Augsburg Confession is the first confession of faith by the Lutheran reformers. This statement of faith set the stage for what we know as Lutheranism today.

Girl Friends Class

“Girl Friends” Bible Study meets in the Library of Building 3.  This class is led by Linda Struckmeyer and Debbie Hill. Contact Linda at for more information.

This class will be put on hold for the next few weeks. Attendees are encouraged to attend Pastor Glover's class.

Chuck Moss's Class

Study the Bible with Chuck Moss in the Building 1 classroom. The Bible study is going through the Bible, one book at a time. Contact Chuck at for a Zoom link.

King's Kids

King’s Kids to meet on Sunday Afternoons from 3:30-5:00 p.m. Children ages 4-10 are invited to participate in this weekly Sunday event. There will be organized activity time, a Bible lesson time and free play to help our pre-youth age children develop friendships with other Abiding Savior children while learning more about Jesus. A meal will be served at 4:30 and parents are invited too.  For more information, see Elizabeth Torrence or Susan Moss.

Other Bible Studies
Young at Heart

A ladies Bible study that meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 10:00 am in the Building 1 meeting room.